6 advantages of oleogel

Many of you who already know our oleogel know: the big advantage of this is that it is water-free compared to "normal" creams. But what advantage does that bring you exactly? After all, water is not a bad thing, so why should water-free be better than a cream for facial care for dry skin? In our blog post we have therefore listed the 6 most important advantages that an oleogel has compared to an emulsion.

1. No preservatives

Our oleogel does not contain any parabens or other preservatives. Since we designed our oleogel to be completely anhydrous, the protection that nature offers us is sufficient! Many of the ingredients naturally have slightly conserving properties, such as vitamin E or propolis tincture. The lack of water in the recipe also means that bacteria cannot multiply so easily, which makes the use of preservatives superfluous.

2. Increase in skin moisture from within

An oleogel is a water-free care product based on lipids (oils and fats). In contrast to emulsions (creams), the skin's moisture content increases slowly during application and no water is supplied from the outside. The increase in skin moisture occurs from within. The natural oils of the oleogel support this process by reducing the transepidermal water loss of the skin. The high fat content of our oleogels in combination with beeswax and propolis therefore cares for the skin sustainably and not only for a short time.

3. Don't worry about the pH

For those who don't want to read a lot: Simply put, our oleogel has no pH value and you don't have to worry about whether it is too high or too low for your own skin.

For those who want to know more: Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered with a simple number, as with conventional emulsions or creams. Our oleogel is anhydrous and the pH value as we know it is actually only defined for water (or aqueous solutions). The pH value relates to H + ions in the water. The more H + ions there are in the solution, the lower the pH value. That is why one often finds the statement: “Oils have no pH value”. In principle, however, every liquid has a pH value, but this fluctuates greatly and is not comparable with the pH value of aqueous solutions and is also not as important for the skin as the pH value of water. The whole thing is a very complex topic and since the 50s scientists around the world have been working on developing a system for measuring the pH value that works for every liquid. In organic liquids (like the oils that we use in the oleogel) the pH value is completely different than in water (or creams and emulsions), since they have much fewer mobile protons and the pH value in water is in principle up refers to free protons. So you could say our oleogel has no pH value, at least not comparable to the pH value we know.

4. Not scented at all or with natural essential oils

Pleasant scents are something really great! They give us a feeling of well-being, freshness and purity. At PureBee, we do not use artificial perfumes or fragrances in any of our products, and only use essential oils when we scent them. But some people who tend to have very sensitive skin or who simply do not want any added fragrance in their care can fall back on our original products. These did not add any scents. But what do they smell like then? You could say "neutral", where we would always put it in quotation marks. They just smell of the individual ingredients and everyone interprets this smell a little differently. With our Oleogel Original, we primarily smell the beeswax and propolis, someone else might recognize the jojoba oil.

5. Natural ingredients that you know

We are very open about the ingredients in all of our products, as there is nothing to hide. We pay close attention to the selection of high-quality raw materials and, in addition to the legally required INCIs, also always include the German names on the packaging. This shows that our oleogel only contains ingredients that you know and that everyone can assess for themselves whether they are good for the skin. All oleogels contain: jojoba oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, beeswax, mango butter, vitamin E, propolis tincture, vegetable squalane oil and vitamin C. Depending on the variety, these raw materials are supplemented with hyaluronic acid, royal jelly or natural essential oils.

6. 100% active ingredients and 0% water for your money

Most creams on the market consist mainly of water (sometimes over 90%). Depending on the type of cream, this can of course also have advantages. A hand cream, for example, which, like our oleogel, would be water-free, would probably make very few of us happy. Hand cream should have virtually disappeared after application and provide quick, short-term relief for the problem of dry hands. However, in our opinion, the face (especially with dry skin) has different requirements and an oleogel offers a more sustainable and long-lasting supply of moisture. This does not mean that the oleogel does not move in and lies like a "layer of fat" on the face, but only that the care is completely different and more sustainable. The great thing about the Oleogel is that you really get 100% active ingredients for your money and not mainly water. Water has little or no effect on the skin, there is a brief surge of moisture and evaporates again. In normal creams (with a few exceptions) it serves as a beneficial carrier for the active ingredients.

An overview of the oleogels

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