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A real German must for the holidays: gingerbread spice! We all know this spice blend with an exceptionally beautiful depth and complexity of taste. And it is an indispensable ingredient for a variety of German baked goods during the Christmas season, especially for the famous traditional German gingerbread.

PureBee Recipe Gingerbread spice with delicious spices

As soon as the days get shorter again, the foliage turns wonderfully autumnal and it gets colder outside, I prepare my first batch of gingerbread spice at home. It is great for sprinkling on your freshly brewed coffee, whipping up delicious cream or using it in my apple pie and of course in mine homemade gingerbread!

My special tip for dingy autumn days: I love to sprinkle the gingerbread spice on my freshly prepared cappuccino, then I sweet it a little with our delicious PureBee honey After, on a cold winter's day, with a good book, that's just wonderfully relaxing

PureBee Rezept Lebkuchengewürz mit Ansicht von leckeren Gewürzen

Those of you who live outside of Germany or Western Europe will know that it is almost impossible to find traditional German gingerbread spice in supermarkets. In Germany, however, you will find it from September in every well-stocked supermarket.

However, if you prefer the better home-made variant, this recipe for homemade gingerbread spice is just right for you!

PureBee Rezept Lebkuchengewürz mit Ansicht von Orangen schälen
PureBee Rezept Lebkuchengewürz mit Ansicht von Gewürzen abwiegen

I can imagine that some of you now think: I do not want to buy all these spices just to make a gingerbread spice, and the rest will end up in the bin sooner or later!

But do not worry, most of these spices have many different uses. Especially in Indian cuisine, many of these spices are used very often. Just look at the individual spices and you will find many recipe ideas and be inspired.

The most beautiful variant, in my opinion, so that no spices are wasted, is simply to make a large amount of delicious gingerbread spice and to give away to friends and family.

PureBee Rezept Lebkuchengewürz mit Ansicht von leckeren Gewürzen

Homemade gingerbread spice


10g cinnamon

8 g orange peel (untreated)

7 g coriander

6 g lemon peels (untreated)

6 g star anise

6 g of fennel seeds

2 g nutmeg

2 g cloves

2 g cardamon


No matter if you already use ground spices or grind your own in a spice or coffee grinder, simply mix all ingredients thoroughly for a delicious gingerbread spice.

In order to be able to weigh them exactly I got myself a small fine balance, which can weigh in 0,1g steps. If your balance is not so accurate, I recommend you make a larger quantity and use multiple ingredients. Of course you could also estimate the amount. The spice mixture will probably still taste delicious, but it will be so difficult to reproduce your result.

Then keep the gingerbread spice airtight in a dark, cool place. So it is about a year durable. However, the spices will lose intensity over time. If you want to keep or give it away for a longer time, I also recommend that you leave the orange and lemon peel to dry for a few days before crushing it for the spice.

And now I wish you a lot of joy with your delicious home-made gingerbread spice!


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