What is the pH of the PureBee Oleogel?

We often get the following question from you: "What is the pH of your oleogel?". Some of you attach great importance to alkaline facial care or pH skin-neutral care.

However, this question cannot be answered that easily and, unfortunately, also not with a simple number. For those who don't want to read a lot: Simply put, our oleogel has no pH value.

For everyone who wants to know more: unlike conventional emulsions or creams, unfortunately, you can't just hold a measuring stick in the oleogel and get the answer.

The great advantage of our oleogel prevents us from simply measuring the pH value. Our oleogel is anhydrous. This has great advantages for the skin, since no water supply from the outside means an increase in skin moisture from the inside. As a result, the skin is cared for in the long term and not just for a short time. In fact, the pH value as we know it is only defined for water (or aqueous solutions, such as creams with water). The pH value refers to H + ions in the water. The more H + ions there are in the solution, the lower the pH value. That is why you can often find the simplified statement online: “Oils have no pH value”.

In principle, however, every liquid has a pH value, but this fluctuates greatly and is not comparable with the pH value of aqueous solutions and is also not as important for the skin as the pH value of water. The whole thing is a very complex topic and since the 50s scientists around the world have been working on developing a system for measuring the pH value that works for every liquid. In organic liquids, such as the oils that we use in the oleogel, the pH value is completely different than in water (or creams and emulsions), since they have much fewer mobile protons and the pH value in water is in principle based on it refers to free protons. So you could say our oleogel has no pH value, at least not comparable to the pH value we know.

We have customers who usually swear by alkaline skin care, as well as customers who prefer pH skin-neutral or even acidic skin care and our oleogel is very well tolerated and big fans. If you are unsure, we recommend that you just test it and therefore also offer a 5ml mini jar.

If you have further questions, please contact us at any time hello@pure-bee.de

Your Linda

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