Redemption conditions for discount codes in the PureBee Shop

Unless otherwise agreed, the following conditions apply to the redemption of discount codes in the PureBee Shop:

Usability of PureBee discount codes

Each discount code can only be used once per purchase and per customer.
Only one discount code can be used per order.
The combination of different discount codes is not possible.
A cash payment of discount codes is just as impossible as any other set-off or reimbursement of the value of a discount code.
Discount codes issued to customers are excluded from resale; an assignment is not permitted.
Products of certain brands and manufacturers can be excluded from these discount code conditions.
Subsequent offsetting of the discount code after the order has been placed is excluded.


The period of validity of the discount codes is limited. The discount codes lose their validity after the date stated on the discount code or after a maximum of 3 years. An extension is excluded.

Minimum order

A minimum order value is always mentioned in the detailed information of the respective discount code. If the minimum order value is subsequently undershot by returning the corresponding item, the cosmetics manufacturer Hauck (manufacturer of PureBee) reserves the right to invoice the difference between the order with a discount code and the order without a discount code.

Return of articles

If you make use of your right of withdrawal or if the goods are returned for other reasons, only the reduced purchase price will be refunded. There is no entitlement to a refund of the discount code or to a new discount code.

Billing for several articles:

If an order to which a discount code is applied consists of several articles (shopping cart discount), PureBee reserves the right to divide the reduced amount into one or proportionally to several articles.

Failure to fulfill an order or a delivery:

If the order or individual items to which the discount code related are not fulfilled, there is no entitlement to a refund of the value of the discount code or to a new discount code.

Third party discount codes:

The redemption of discount codes, vouchers or other bonus systems from third-party providers require a separate agreement or are only valid insofar as this results from the discount code, voucher or the like in individual cases and are each limited in time.
We are not responsible for the topicality of offers or discount codes on third party websites.

PureBeeClub discount codes:

Discount codes that are issued via the PureBeeClub can only be redeemed for customers with an active customer account and a subscription to our PureBee newsletter. An order can only be placed if you log in to the relevant customer account before placing the order.