A shower is always the beginning of something. In the morning, before we start the day, we can prepare ourselves for a special occasion or to start the night's sleep. Whatever it is, start happy and experience more "honey moments".

Every morning we jump (some torment themselves rather) out of bed and in the shower. This will make us really awake and our tired bones get going. So we prepare for a long day at work, everyday tasks or whatever is on our daily schedule. After a work-out in the gym, you can flush off the honestly earned sweat with a shower. In the evening, we cleanse ourselves from the events of the day, drive down and prepare for a hopefully restful night. Not to forget the extensive feel-good showers, where the entire care and beauty program is celebrated to prepare for a special event.

two bare feet peeking out from under the blanket
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Duschkopf aus dem Wasser in Perlen herausströmt

A shower is so much more than a simple cleaning activity. When you step out of the shower you are not just clean - it's much more than that. We feel better, refreshed, relaxed, beautiful, comfortable, self-confident and prepared for whatever may come. The way we shower affects our mood and how we tackle the tasks that lie ahead.

A relaxing shower can make life so much easier! Studies show that a creative brainwave and new ideas are much more common while you are taking a shower. But why is that and what are the requirements for such moments of enlightenment? We have to be alone, ideally even tired or tired, and do an autopilot mode job:

No matter when, why or how you shower, it's usually one of the few moments when you're alone and taking your time. In times when everyone demands your attention at all times, those few minutes without distraction have become rare.

You enter the shower, you are tired from your training or the strenuous day or just got up and not really awake yet. You skillfully turn the tap and the warm water plays around your back. How does that feel? You feel well and start to relax.

When we relax in such a moment, our brain releases dopamine, a veritable "carefree neurotransmitter." It stimulates the creativity and the formation of alpha waves in our brain. In combination with fatigue or daydreaming, this leads to real creative fireworks!

Make more of your shower routine now! Be aware of the time for a shower. Because the more relaxed you are, the more likely the current block of thought is history! In the future, we should better think twice about whether the shower is skipped after the gym for lack of time. But even the right products help us to relax properly during our various shower moments.

Get the most out of your shower moment!

Happiness matters. Create more honey moments!

What is your shower moment?

Morning Hero, Slow wake-up, Snooze-Hitter, Post-workout or Rinse-off the day?