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We test all products on ourselves until we are happy with them. Of course, we don't test on animals and never will. Since our cosmetics are not medically tested, we cannot make any statements about the effects that they could have on certain skin diseases. All of our cosmetics are checked for safety in accordance with the European Cosmetics Regulation.

We do not use parabens, phthalates or mineral oils in any of our products and we do not use ARTIFICIAL preservatives.

We use what nature offers us! Many of our ingredients have inherently preservative properties, such as vitamin E or propolis tincture. In addition, all of our body scrubs are oil-based and not water-based. Therefore, bacteria cannot grow easily.

Yes, our cosmetics are completely handmade in Graben-Neudorf in Baden-Württemberg in our own production facility. We weigh raw materials by hand, mix by hand, fill and label the packaging by hand and pack it by hand.

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Our body scrubs are packed in PET packaging. The main reason for this is that glass in the shower is just too unsafe. If a crucible falls down and breaks in the shower, the risk of injury is too high. There are other reasons for this, which we have summarized in a detailed blog post. TO THE BLOG

Unfortunately we do not (yet) have a proper retail store. However, you are welcome to shop on site in our production facility in Graben-Neudorf by appointment. It is best to make an appointment via WhatsApp (0151-54894401) or by email ( arrange.

Body Scrub

Before using the Body Scrub, shake it well, as the natural ingredients may settle over time. Make sure everything is well mixed so that the last drop of Body Scrub stays as good as the first one. You can use the body scrub in the shower, bath or even over the sink. Make sure your skin is wet, put a small amount of Body Scrub on your hand and apply it to your body. Now massage the scrub gently. You can use your hand, a body sponge or a washcloth. When you feel the sugar dissolve, simply rinse it off with clear water (without a shower) and dry your body. The Body Scrub cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes in one easy step, eliminating the need for extra body lotion.

A simple question! Use it every time you shower or take a bath. Our Body Scrub is designed for daily use. Unlike most body scrubs, which should only be used 2-3 times a week, our Body Scrub is not just an add-on to your skin care, it will take a few steps. The Body Scrub cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes in one easy step. Give up now unnecessary scrubs, cleansers and lotions.

Yes you can! The most important thing is that no water penetrates the scrub, as bacteria love moist and warm environments. That's why we sell our Body Scrub in a handy squeeze bottle with flip-top lid to prevent water from just running in. Just place it next to your shampoo, always at hand!

A big NO! You can delete this part of your shower routine from now on. Your skin will be super soft and smooth after using the Body Scrub and will stay that way until the next shower.

Our body scrubs keep 6-12 months as long as they are not opened and the seal stays closed. On every bottle you will find a best before date. It is not necessary to store the Body Scrub in the fridge.

Yes, we're doing that! We try to stay as natural as possible and what is more natural than the real fruit? All of our fruity body scrubs contain real fruit and natural flavors.

Yes, our body scrubs are designed for every skin type and daily use. However, as with all products, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, we recommend not using the scrub.

lip balms

We believe that honey (as well as other sugary ingredients) should not be part of a lip cosmetic that will not be rinsed off. In the course of the day we unconsciously lick our lips constantly and the ingredients get into the saliva. Honey in the lip care then leads to a lasting sugary environment that attacks the dental health - even small amounts do this. Therefore, despite the great properties that honey can bring, we completely forego it in our lip care.

OUR TIP: wear yourself off to pure honey on the lips, let it work for a few minutes and then licks it off!