Is your first hour awake really just about getting moving? You are probably a typical snooze-hitting night owl who needs a good cup of coffee and a shower to get your mind and body back to life and ready for the day. On top of that, you might also have to cope with running late and being in a hurry. For most of us that fall into this group, mornings can be quite demanding and stressful. But your wake-up shower is so much more than a necessary evil! We have some great tips to make the most of eye opening moment!

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Shower moment girl stands tired yawning in front of her bed

Slow wake-up

Dusch-Moment Mädchen sitzt mit ihrem Hund am Frühstückstisch und trinkt Kaffee
Your first hour after getting up is a wake-up routine that takes its time? Just like the "Snooze-Hitters" you are probably a night owl, who likes to stay up late and is tired in the morning. But even though it would be nice to stay in bed a bit longer, we need to get up and sometimes it takes time.
Nevertheless, not even some extra time in bed is worth having a stressful morning - you have your set routine to fulfill. Everything is still going really slow and you need your space and time until you are ready for the first interaction of the day. Your shower helps you wake-up and be ready for the day. But your morning routines can have a lot more beneficial effects than that!

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Morning hero

Your time after getting up is filled with beloved morning rituals and showering is one of them!

You are at your best in the fresh of the day? You deliberately celebrate your morning routines on your own terms before everyone else makes their demands?

Your daily showering routine is more than just a needed activity, it is part of your feel-good ritual for a happy start to the day. Find out how our scrubs can add some extra happy-go-lucky to your morning routines.

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Shower moment girl does yoga exercises in the morning

Rinse-off the day

Dusch-Moment Mädchen zieht am Abend nach der Arbeit die Schuhe aus und gähnt

A shower in the evening, to rinse off the day and to be able to slip into bed fresh and clean.

There are actually several reasons why we might prefer to take a shower in the evening. Some simply find it quite difficult to get up earlier in the morning (especially in the winter time) to take a shower and prefer to have some extra time under the bed sheets.

Especially if we don’t need a water confrontation to get ready for the day, taking a shower can be a very beneficial evening activity to relax mind and body.

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The workout champion

Running late after your workout?

Feeling the urge to get fresh and clean as quickly as possible?

We all know these situations. But no matter what, if you are thinking of either skipping your shower or running straight from exercise into the shower, there are several reasons not to.

Avoiding some common post-workout shower mistakes combined with our "Triple-Bee-Power" will help you get the most out of your exercise. Keeping a few things in mind with regards to when, how and with which products to shower will keep your body feeling good, avoid breakouts and will even intensify the result of your workout.

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Shower moment girl exudes after training at the gym