Shower moment girl smiling in the gym after exercising
Shower moment girl smiling in the gym after exercising

Running late after your workout? Feeling the urge to get fresh and clean as quickly as possible? We all know these situations. But no matter what, if you are thinking of either skipping your shower or running straight from exercise into the shower, there are several reasons not to.

Avoiding some common post-workout shower mistakes will help you get the most out of your exercise. Keeping a few things in mind with regards to when, how and with which products to shower will keep your body feeling good (also referred to as post-workout “glow”) after you have exercised, avoid breakouts and can even intensify the results of your workout. Omitting showers means troubled post-gym skin.

Your workout is generally great for your skin, because sweating can detoxify it and delivers needed oxygen and nutrients. But when our skin is exposed to sweat, oil and dirt, along with melted makeup and a colorful mixture of bacteria from touching machines and equipment it perfectly sticks to your skin. Having the wrong skincare habits after your workout can lead to acne, breakouts, blackheads as well as itchy, dry skin. Especially affected are areas like your back and chest, where sweat accumulates (through wrong sports gear and sports bra straps).
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Prespiration left behind on your skin after workouts can clog pores and allows bacteria to proliferate, which can cause rashes and breakouts. Let us also not forget that sweat helps to breed funguses. This can lead to rashes and impurities. Therefore, let's take a closer look at the individual aspects:

When should you take a shower after a workout?
Taking off our sports gear and rinsing off sweat right after exercising to avoid breakouts, does not mean we should run directly from the track or treadmill into the shower. Taking a couple of minutes for your body to cool down after exercising is a lot healthier and might bring some extra advantages. Light aerobic work or stretching at the end of an extensive workout brings the heart rate down to prevent dizziness from blood buildup in veins.
How to take a shower after a workout?
When it comes to the water temperature, there is not one single recommendation that applies uniformly. It all depends on health status, intensity of workout and many other external factors. Most studies suggest that cold showers that are short in duration after a hard workout session serves to quickly cope with muscle pain and cut inflammation. In addition, cold showers are said to increase your workout effects and improve performance during future workouts. Some newer studies recommend alternating temperatures. The only way to really find out what helps you recover from an intense workout, is to try different options and stick to what serves you best!

But every body reacts differently. Others can relax better with warm water. So, when it comes to water temperature, the only way to test what works best is to help you recover from training!

With which products?
  • Natural, unscented shower gel  
  • A light scrub to cleanse the skin  
  • Avoid products with harsh ingredients (such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or alcohol-based wipes) - over-cleaning can also dry out your skin  
  • Use only natural and paraben-free products

The PureBee Body Scrubs are ideal for gently cleansing and nourishing your skin after workouts. The delicate sugar crystals in our PureBee Body Scrubs dissolve as you massage your skin. This removes sweat thoroughly and gently cleanses the pores without washing the natural oils off the skin.

The natural ingredients have a moisturizing effect without clogging the pores and leave a soft and clean skin - even if it has to go fast again!




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