Blossom honey refill pack from Baden-Württemberg

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(€ 1.50 / 100g)

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The honey refill bag is here and it is better for our nature!

Our current harvest contains a high proportion of forest and is therefore a bit darker and stronger in taste than usual!

Thanks to resource-saving production and low material consumption, the production of our honey bag requires significantly less energy than conventional disposable honey jars. Even after use, our bag is clearly the greener choice - up to 90% waste can be saved compared to the glass! In addition, it is of course much lighter and therefore more ecological to send than a heavy glass!

Standort Imkerei Hauck
  • 400 gram of blossom honey from the apiary Hauck from Waghäusel in Baden-Württemberg
  • Enjoy our delicious honey not only on your skin, but also on your bread
  • Hand-thrown and hand-filled
Klebe das Honigetikett auf deinen Honigtopf

Remove the supplied honey label from your honey refill bag and stick it around your honey pot or the glass of your choice.

Cut open the bag on a corner.

Schneide den Honigbeutel auf
Fülle den Honig in deinen Honigtopf

Put the honey in your honey pot and enjoy!


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