Whipped Honey Gift Set

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(€ 6.88 / 100g)

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Our delicious cream honey varieties in a set to try for yourself or give away!

We only use honey from our own family beekeeping in the north of Baden-Württemberg to prepare the unique variety of cream honey varieties. This is gently and creamily stirred in a special process, giving it its incomparable consistency.

Above all, we make sure that our bee colonies can live as naturally as possible and are very considerate and attentive to them. Because if the bees are doing well, then it is good for us humans and our environment. Bees are a key element in the ecological cycle: they pollinate the flowers of 80% of our plants. A lot of honey stands for an intact environment.

Standort Imkerei Hauck
  • Each 80g of cream honey with lemon, creamy honey with raspberry, creamy honey with chocolate, creamy honey with orange inwer in twist-off glass
  • Enjoy our delicious honey not only on your skin, but also on your bread
  • Pure natural ingredients. For a detailed list, please note the individual products.
  • Not heated
  • Hand-thrown and hand-filled

Please note: It's best to keep the honey in the refrigerator (or at least cool) to make sure it doesn't separate. Our cream honeys are filled by weight and not by volume. So it may be that they are not filled to the brim.


Help not only your skin, but also the environment!


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