Whipped Honey Original

€ 5.90
(€ 7.38 / 100g)

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Pure blossom honey in a new form!

Our delicious cream honey is creamed in a special and gentle process. We process and refine exclusively our natural honey from Waghäusel. The gentle process produces a crystallized honey that is particularly creamy, delicately delicious and incomparably delicious.
Standort Imkerei Hauck
  • In two different sizes (80g & 300g) in a twist-off glass
  • Enjoy our delicious honey not only on your skin, but also on your bread
  • 100% blossom honey from Waghäusel
  • Not heated, hand-thrown and hand-filled

Help not only your skin, but also the environment!

Our cream honey is especially delicious on fruit salad or on ice cream.

Please note: It's best to store the honey in the fridge to make sure it does not separate.


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