Whipped Honey with Chocolate

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Two of the finest raw materials in the world - pure bee honey and fair trade cocoa powder! This will make one of perhaps the best natural treats ever! Our popular blossom honey from Baden-Württemberg, together with cocoa, makes a delicate, spreadable and delicious cream. In a specially developed process, this is stirred creamy without heating it.

Location beekeeping Hauck
  • In two different sizes (80g & 300g) in twist-off glass
  • Enjoy our delicious honey not only on your skin, but also on your bread
  • Ingredients: honey from Waghäusel, fair trade cocoa
  • Not heated, hand-thrown and hand-filled

Help not only your skin, but also the environment!

Put a tablespoon in warm milk for hot chocolate or coffee for mocha!

Please note: It's best to store the honey in the fridge to make sure it does not separate. Our cream honeys are bottled by weight and not by volume. So it may be that they are not filled to the brim.


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