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This mineral-rich powder mask combines pink clay with fruit and plant extracts and hyaluronic acid for smooth, soft and radiant skin. The clay's natural minerals provide gentle cleansing and draw out impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture, making this mask ideal for sensitive skin. The dried strawberries have a high vitamin C content, which in combination with hyaluronic acid stimulates the skin's collagen production. Naturally unscented, this mask is a must-have for at-home facial care.
And the great thing about our mask? - You get 100% active ingredients and don't pay for most of the water. For easy mixing and application, we recommend our PureBee care brush and our mask shell.
WITHOUT synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives. Without silicones, paraffins and mineral oil-based raw materials.
Purely natural content, vegetarian and without animal testing.
Note for allergy sufferers: Propolis and Royal Jelly must not be used by people with allergies to bee products!
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HOW TO USE: Put a teaspoon of mask powder in a small bowl and add water drop by drop until the desired consistency is reached. Apply to face with fingertips or a mask brush. Leave to dry for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water. After rinsing, the skin may appear slightly pink for 20-30 minutes due to the increased blood flow triggered by the active ingredients in this mask.

TIP: Add a drop of jojoba oil or a spoonful of honey to the mask. Or mix it with other nourishing liquids that suit your skin type instead of water. We have some great suggestions in our blog post WHAT TO MIX OUR POWDER MASKS WITH summarized for you.

CONTENT: 30g in a glass jar, protected by a folding carton
3g in a paper bag (sufficient for 1-2 applications)

What are the advantages of a powder mask compared to conventional cream or gel masks?

We love powder masks at PureBee because they contain 100% active ingredients and don't need preservatives to stay fresh! Traditional cream/gel masks come pre-mixed with water and fillers which can dry out or go bad! Powder masks therefore have a longer shelf life and ultimately give you more bang for your buck.

How much hyaluronic acid does the mask contain?

Our Hyaluron face mask contains 1% hyaluronic acid

Which hyaluronic acid do you use?

There are different forms of hyaluronic acid. The size and degree of cross-linking of the molecules can vary. In our hyaluron mask we use hyaluronic acid in a balanced mixture of different molecular sizes (high, medium and low molecular weight). Because: the smaller the hyaluronic acid molecule, the deeper it can penetrate through the skin layers into the underlying tissue and develop its water-storing effect there, while larger molecules have an immediate effect on the skin.

At what age should I start using hyaluronic acid products?

Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance that keeps our connective tissue flexible and soft. It provides resilience and elasticity. Now you may be wondering when it makes sense to use products with hyaluronic acid and how best to use such products. The short answer is: whenever your skin lacks moisture! This can affect mature skin, but it doesn't have to. Products with hyaluronic acid have a rightful place in every routine. There are different opinions as to the age at which we should start taking care of our skin, specifically with regard to skin aging. Because we believe prevention is better than repairing damage later, we roughly chose 25. From then on you can slowly start thinking about skin aging and how best to protect your skin. But don't worry, even if you're older: it's never too late to start with the right care. Of course, that doesn't mean you should be using creams specifically designed for mature skin in your early thirties. These usually have too many ingredients that your skin doesn't even know what to do with. But even at a young age, moisture is important. And you get that really well with hyaluronic acid.

Is the hyaluronic mask suitable for sensitive skin?

Generally yes! We use very effective but at the same time gentle ingredients in this mask. It is therefore ideally suited for sensitive skin. However, if you are unsure, we always recommend ordering a mini bag first and testing it on an inconspicuous area. No skin is like the other and even if the mask is generally suitable for sensitive skin, your skin can of course react completely differently to the fruit acids or vitamins. In addition, the mask contains royal jelly and propolis and is therefore not suitable for people with allergies to bee products.

Does the Hyaluron face mask suit my skin type?

The Hyaluron face mask is ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

My skin reacts with redness/irritation. What can I do?

In most cases, the skin is not used to the external supply of new nutrients and needs some time to be able to process them well. Give your skin time and slowly get used to the mask. However, if irritation does not occur, we recommend discontinuing use and contacting us.

What does the hyaluronic mask smell like?

Pleasant scents are something really great! They give us a feeling of well-being, freshness and purity. At PureBee, we do not use artificial perfumes or fragrances in any of our products; when we scent, we only use essential oils. With this care mask, however, we deliberately avoided using added fragrances. But then what does she smell like? It simply smells of the individual ingredients and everyone interprets this smell a little differently. With our Hyalurol mask, we primarily smell the strawberries and a fruity scent.


Help not only your skin, but also the environment!

THIS IS IN: Pink clay, rosehip powder, dried strawberries, hibuscus flower powder, chamomile flower powder, royal jelly, hyaluronic acid, propolis tincture

INCI: Rosa Canina Seed Powder, Fragaria Ananassa Powder, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Powder, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Powder, Kaolin, Illite, Royal Jelly, Sodium Hyaluronate, Propolis Cera, Alcohol


kaolin, illite

Pink clay - clay minerals bind pollutants

Rosa Canina Seed Powder

Rosehip Powder - rich in vitamin C, polyphenols, carotenoids and antioxidants

Fragaria Pineapple Powder

Dried Strawberries - Due to the salicylic acid it contains, the high vitamin C content and the antioxidants, the small fruit helps to remove dead skin cells.

Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Powder

Hibiscus flower powder - The active ingredients contained in hibiscus inhibit the collagen-degrading enzyme elastase and thus counteract the loss of elasticity in the skin tissue.

Chamomilla Recutita Flower Powder

Chamomile blossoms - stimulate the skin's metabolism

Sodium hyaluronate

hyaluronic acid

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly - active ingredient from the beehive

Propolis Cera

Propolis - active ingredient from the beehive


Solvent for the propolis


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