Propolis drops

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  • Made from three natural ingredients: propolis, alcohol and water.
  • natural product for use as a dietary supplement.
  • with 20% propolis content
  • the propolis we use also comes from 100% European origin and we do not import from China.


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Our propolis drops are gently made from three natural ingredients: propolis, alcohol and water. The right combination of these three raw materials results in a natural remedy for use as a dietary supplement.

The optimal proportion of propolis for food supplements is 20%, which is why we designed our recipe accordingly. The propolis we use also comes from 100% European origin and we do not import from China.

NOTICE FOR ALLERGICIANS Propolis is an allergenic substance and must not be used by people with allergies to bee products!

Faq: will there be alcohol-free propolis drops soon?

Unfortunately, propolis is naturally not soluble in water or fat. In order to be able to process it (whether in cosmetics or as a solution), it must therefore first be dissolved in alcohol. We sometimes hear from customers: "Why do all of your products contain alcohol?" and that is exactly the reason. There is NO propolis without alcohol. The alcohol we use (ethanol) is of natural and vegetable origin, which is very important to us.

"Alcohol-free" propolis tinctures can also be found online or in markets. Unfortunately, this is only half the story. The product does not contain the drinking alcohol (ethanol) we know, but in most cases propylene glycol, a polyhydric alcohol, is the main ingredient. This is synthetically made and considered for the skin questionable classified. Unfortunately, this is a substance that we do not want to use, neither in our cosmetics nor in foods such as propolis drops, and therefore we prefer to stick with the classic propolis tincture with real alcohol, which grandmother already used :-)

Even if we have to give you a clear "no" to this question, we hope you understand our reasoning behind it. Propolis is such a great substance from nature that we do not want to mix it with synthetically produced questionable alcohols and then want to make eyewash with the word "alcohol-free".

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RECOMMENDED: 2 drops twice a day

Tip: Put on a teaspoon of sugar or a piece of bread.

Content in 30 drops = propolis extract 830 mg

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

CONTENT: 20ml in a glass bottle with a practical drop valve, protected by a folding box

STORAGE + SHELF LIFE: Store at room temperature, dry, always closed and out of the reach of children. You can find the best-before date on the bottom of the box.

Stain hazard: Do you know propolis? Then you also know about the properties of the resinous bee product: it sticks and leaves stains wherever it gets. It flocculates in water and leaves a film in the glass or on the spoon. This is natural and testifies to good propolis. We therefore recommend using an old glass or subsequently cleaning the glass with alcohol (propolis is alcohol-soluble)


Help not only your skin, but also the environment!

THIS IS IN: Alcohol, propolis (20%) *, water

* 100% from European origin