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Our squalane oil is purely vegetable and is 100% extracted from Portuguese olives and bottled in our own factory. As a natural component of the lipid protective coating of our skin, squalane is characterized by its high tolerance and is therefore suitable for all skin types. The colorless and odorless oil protects your skin against moisture loss and strengthens the skin's protective barrier. The biggest advantage of squalane is that (although it is an oil) it doesn't feel oily. In addition, it has no odor and does not clog the pores of the skin, so it is also suitable for oily, sensitive and impure skin.

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WITHOUT synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives. Without silicones, paraffins and mineral oil-based raw materials.
Purely natural content, vegetarian and without animal testing.
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HOW TO USE: Use the pipette to apply three to five drops of squalane to your desired skin areas and massage it in gently. If you moisten the skin slightly before use, it can absorb the squalane even better. Thanks to its light texture, it is quickly absorbed and does not leave an oily film.

CONTENT: 50ml in the glass bottle with pipette, protected by a cardboard box OR 5ml in the glass bottle, unpacked

What skin type is the oil suitable for?

Squalane oil is suitable for all skin types. Especially for oily, sensitive and blemished skin. The oil can also be suitable for acne-prone skin, as it provides moisture and does not clog pores. Our squalane oil is particularly suitable for the care of delicate baby skin and stressed pregnancy skin.

Squalane and Squalene - What's the Difference?

The substance that actually occurs in our skin is called squalene. However, it is less suitable for the manufacture of cosmetics. It is an unsaturated fatty acid and therefore quite reactive and does not have a long shelf life. Squalane is therefore used in the manufacture of cosmetics, which (if it is vegetable) is obtained from olives in most cases. It is stable to oxidation and therefore has a longer shelf life.

Is the oil also suitable for the hair?

Yes! Thanks to its extra-light molecular structure, squalane can be easily distributed in the hair and gives it a beautiful, healthy shine.

How does the PureBee squalane oil smell?

Squalane is a very neutral and odorless oil that has virtually no scent of its own.


Help not only your skin, but also the environment!

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