Comb honey from Waghäusel

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Honeycomb is the purest form of honey. The last creatures to touch the honey were the bees, who produced it and lovingly stored it in the combs. Our honeycomb comes straight from the hive in reusable metal cans. In our honeycombs you will find a mix of blossom and forest honey from the meadows and forests around Waghäusel in Baden-Württemberg. Each comb contains honey from the plants that have just flowered at harvest time, making each one unique in color and taste.

SMALL - between 200g - 300g of comb honey
LARGE - over 300g of comb honey

How do I eat the comb honey?

Most of the time, the fresh comb honey is cut into very thin slices and eaten as straight as liquid honey on bread. Since the comb honey is very fresh, the wax is so wafer-thin that it can be eaten and is not bothersome.

Can I eat the wax?

Yes, the wax is untreated wax freshly produced by the bees (so-called virgin wax). Eating untreated wax is perfectly safe. The wax even contains valuable enzymes and ferments that are released through chewing. In addition, the honeycomb also contains propolis. Some honey lovers swear by chewing the honeycomb like chewing gum. However, this is not for everyone because the wax remains on the teeth. PS: The wax is excreted undigested.

How is comb honey packed for transport?

The comb honey comes packaged in a pretty tin can, which is also great for Gift Voucher suitable and ideally should be reused after use. Even though we use single-use plastic as much as possible avoid, must we shrink-wrap the honeycomb into a small plastic bag for transport. Unfortunately, honey always finds its way and in the reusable metal can, the honey would leak during shipping without the bag. Please also note that the honeycombs are very sensitive and, despite very careful packaging, can sometimes break on the outside during transport. However, this does not reduce the quality of the honey one bit.

How much comb honey do I get and is each piece exactly the same size?

Comb honey is a pure, untreated natural product. Therefore, no honeycomb is the same as the other and the bees sometimes build the honeycomb thicker or thinner. Of course, this has an impact on the weight and size. All of our honeycomb pieces weigh at least 200 grams, but vary in size and shape. If you choose a small piece you will get between 200 and 300 grams of comb honey and with a large piece you will get over 300 grams of comb honey. The exact weight can be found on each comb honey.

Can comb honey crystallize?

Yes. Our comb honey is a purely natural product. This means that it also crystallizes like “normal” honey in the jar. This in no way makes the honey bad or inferior, but is a sign that it is untreated. If you want to learn more about crystallization, we recommend our Blog to.

THIS IS IN: 100% virgin honey in the comb


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